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tv   CNN Saturday Morning  CNN  October 27, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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numbers and 387,000 credit card numbers may have been breached in this attack that happened earlier this month. governor nikki haley said it was, "not a good day for south carolina." in england for the first time since she was transported for medical treatment malala yousufzai got a visit from her family. just talking and praying with her mother, brothut father and . she was asked to bring her her school books. evidence that a cease-fire just isn't holding right now. called to mark a muslim holiday that started yesterday. yeah, that's what they're seeing there. 12 people have been killed and 150 others died friday. this is according to an a opposition group. another group added that there were almost 300 other cease-fire
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vilation violations including gunfire and shelling. rough seas off the carolina coast this weekend as tropical storm sandy churns in the atlantic. sandy's downgrade from a hurricane was expected, but forecasts call for the storm to regain strength over the next few days. our george howell is on north carolina's outer banks. george, we can hear the wind. i heard with your mike test, what are you seeing out there? >> well, victor, good morning. yeah, we are definitely feeling the wind pick up here along the outer banks and the best evidence of that right behind me. you can see the choppy surf out here. obviously, no one out on this beach. this morning, victor, the possibility of rip currents out there. this is no place to be right now as this storm slowly moves toward us. in fact, we will feel the first band of this storm as it gets closer, the conditions out here will definitely deteriorate through the day. we know here along the eastern counties of north carolina several have declared states of emergency and there is a big
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concern today, victor, of flooding. mainly from storm surge but also from the rain that will come from the system. flooding, power outages, that's what people are preparing for here this morning. >> tell us how does this compare to last year's storm? you know, there were millions of people who were affected by the floodings and power out nl outa irene. >> you know, irene was more of a direct hit in a way because this area saw a lot of flooding, saw a lot of rain from it. in fact, i was speaking with someone here just a few minutes ago about what happened in this area, this highway 12. coastal highway 12. there was a major section of that that washed away from the storm. this morning what we're expecting to see, again, that first band of strong winds, the rain that will be coming through, again, the storm has been downgraded, but officials are saying, you know, do not take the storm for granted. it still will be a strong storm that bring winds and anywhere
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from 40 to 50 miles per hour i was told. but, you know, at this point, people are paying very close attention, i should say, to what's happening out here in the skies. >> as they should. george howell in the outer banks of north carolina, thank you. meanwhile, you know, millions of people could lose power from this storm and the edison electric institute is warning people that outages could last for seven to ten days. right now the area's most vulnerable to power outages are from virginia to new jersey and extending into southern pennsylvania. the exact path, though, of this storm, as you know, is so unpredictable. on the phone from johns hopkins university in maryland seth the assistant professor for the department of geography and engineering. thank you for being with us. i know you developed a model to predict which areas will have the most power out nls. what did you find from that? >> when we ran our modaal with t the latest track update from last night impacts from northern
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virginia up through new jersey like you said and they'll extend quite a was in inland. >> i know you have been studying the relationship between hurricanes and power failures for seven years now. as you look at the model that you're viewing now, what is your biggest concern with this storm? >> well, it's going to impact a pretty large area with a high population density. a lot of people out, which is going to cause difficulty getting power restored because a lot of need for repair crews and utilities will have to get those in place beforehand. some of the outages will be pretty prolonged. >> do you think seven to ten days is, in fact, accurate? >> that seems like a pretty reasonable estimate given the impacts and the wide-spread nature of the impacts, yes. >> what problems could power companies run into despite the fact that they may be short on people and labor? >> one of the big impacts on the storm like this is if it does turn out to be a very wet storm that it is that much harder to
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restore power. it is harder to get into some of the areas to restore power and a lot more downed trees that way, as well. >> as i understand it, you think about 10 million people could lose power. is there any shift you see in this storm that might change that number? >> well, if the track moves further north, the track forecast, it may actually look a little bit worse because we hit some, policiy more heavily populated areas and it could get worse. i think the storm would have to decrease in intensity a decent amount before landfall for this to be much better. >> well, when you look at this then, is there anything, i mean, when people hear seven to ten days without power, i would think they're either going to leave, they're going to get out or they want to know how to prepare for that extended period of time. what do you say to them in terms of preparation? >> well, have ice for your food, be ready for an extended power outage. some people will get their power
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back on faster, but the longer outages will probably be seven to ten days and you just have to be ready, particularly if you're in an area where the nighttime temperatures will get colder, you have to have a plan for that. >> seth, thank you. assistant professor at johns hopkins. we appreciate your input there, thanks. it is an uphill battle like nothing he faced in the alps. lance armstrong was once at the top of cycling's biggest stage. we'll have the latest from the doping scandal that continues to rock his world.'s smartphone... dad's tablet... or lauren's smartphone... at&t has a plan built to help make families' lives easier. introducing at&t mobile share. one plan lets you share data on up to 10 devices with unlimited talk and text. add a tablet for only $10 per month. at&t. on gasoline.
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40 minutes past the hour on this saturday morning. thank you for being with us. his seven tour de france titles are gone. cycling's governing body are going to show that no one won those races and lance armstrong's real battles may be just beginning. this is all because of a doping scandal that has been called epic. quintan mcdermott has this report for us. >> reporter: the united states anti-doping agency says that armstrong was a drug cheat. part of an organized conspiracy by the u.s. postal service team to dupe the public or fool the authorities.
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>> the totality of the evidence is overwhelming. you're looking at the bernie madoff of sport. this is the biggest fraud in the history of sport. the biggest. he couldn't have done it alone. >> when money is involved, big money, then, of course, the cheat comes along. >> reporter: lance armstrong entered cycling as a brash, young competitor. full of enthusiasm and limited in his all-around ability. his mental then was the australian racer. did he strike you in those days as a cyclist that could eventually win the tour de france? >> for me, no. to be a good tour rider you have to be a good time and a good mountain climber. he wasn't particularly strong in those two areas. to me, he didn't have what it took in those early years. >> reporter: lance armstrong was then with the american motorola
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team. so, too, was new zealander steven schwartz. he said that in 1995 when phil anderson had left the team, the riders complained that their european opponents were doping. >> did you talk with lance armstrong about the need to using epo to be competitive? >> we had a discussion about it, yeah. >> what did mr. armstrong say? >> he said if we're going on the tour, we've got to perform. we need the results. >> what did that mean? >> i think he just said you didn't have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out. if we're going to be competitive, there was only one road to take. >> was there a discussion about doping in any way with mr. swart? >> the only aspect that was true is that he was on the team.
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beyond that, not true. >> now, be sure to tune in tonight for an in depth look at the fall of the world's best-known cyclist. the world according to lance armstrong. tonight at 9:00 eastern here on cnn. really? is this happening? are you serious? that's what die-hard hockey fans are asking themselves after the nhl announced cancellation of all the games in november. in all, 326 games have been canceled during the current lockout. you know, just eight years ago the entire nhl season was wiped out because of labor strike. well, back in motown and in dire need of some momentum, that is the story for the detroit tigers heading into tonight's game three of the world series after pummeling the tigers. the giants eked out a 2-0 win. a san francisco right hander
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ryan vogelsong will get the start. american football hits england sunday when the st. louis rams host the new england patriots. now, to get into the spirit, the st. louis rams and coach jeff fisher practiced on a pitch this week. rams' owner is also majority owner of the famed soccer franchise arsenal. now, sunday's game will be the sixth international series match for the nfl in london. well, sandy is no longer a hurricane, but, she's still a force to be reckoned with. we'll tell you what to expect as this tropical storm inches towards the east coast. ey havenn moving much lately. but things are starting to turn around because of business people like you. and regions is here to help. with the experience and service to keep things rolling. from business loans to cash management, we want to be your partner moving forward.
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all right. what do you think? you have kids. what do you think president obama is worried about most when it comes to his daughters? i'll give you a xhois of three? boys, dates, driving. >> he asked me this because i have three daughters of my own
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and all those things scare the you know what out of me. >> pick one. >> i have to be honest, i saw this. i know what he's going to say. but i will say, i absolutely agree with him on this one. >> here's what the president told mtv last night. >> what are you most worried about? malia getting a driver's license? malia going out on a date or malia being on facebook? >> i worry about facebook right now only because, look, i know the folks of facebook revolutionized, you know, the social networks, but malia because she's well known, you know, i'm very keen on protecting her privacy. she can make her own decisions later as she gets older. right now even just for security reasons, she doesn't have a facebook page. you know, dates, that's fine
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because she has secret service protection. >> you're not worried about that. >> the one thing i always tell my daughters and hopefully i'm serving as a good example of this, i want them to be with men who respect them. boys who respect them and value them and, you know, understand their worth. if the boys are kind to them, then, they'll be okay. they're competent young women. >> here's the difference. no one knows who my kids are. it's not like they're his kids. mtv did invite governor romney to a similar interview. >> his hat, his hat the whole interview. >> i was thinking the same thing. that's brave to go interview the president -- >> and keep it it's part of his look.
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but he kept on that hat for the entire interview. >> he looks good in it. >> an interview with the president of the united states. >> all right. if we look at that hat, he worked it. the election could be affected by what's already being called a historic storm. we could see flooding, power outages, wind damage, all across the northeast. this is expansive. >> millions of people could be affected and those along the coast are scrambling to prepare. nick is watching this storm by the numbers. and these numbers are huge. >> we're expecting new numbers from the national hurricane center to come out later this morning at about 8:00. but until then, we've been reaching out to aid agencies. everybody's poised and prepared for this expected landfall. it's already been a fatal storm. it just got worse. we heard from the puerto rico this morning, one more death added to the death toll, so 22 dead now as a result of tropical storm sandy.
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our cnn weather team estimated $3.2 billion, and that's not from flooding, that's just from wind damage. so who knows how much this will cost in the end. fatal storm. 61,000 personnel up and down the eastern seaboard ready for this landfall, victor and christi. >> everyone is watching the forecast and preparing, hopefully everybody's preparing. >> we'll bring the new numbers when we have them from the national hurricane center. >> thank you. donald trump makes a big announcement. but it backfires. >> what was he thinking? >> yeah. >> jeanne moos has the fallout. americans are always ready to work hard for a better future. since ameriprise financial was founded back in 1894, they've been committed to putting clients first. helping generations through tough times. good times. never taking a bailout.
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billing as the october surprise turned out to be a flop. that resulted in a flood of reactions. jeanne moos runs through them for us. >> reporter: the donald better duck. >> his bombshell announcement. >> reporter: the bombshell seems to have landed on trump. >> donald is a circus act. >> reporter: from a gorilla on jon stewart, his offer of a check to charity. >> for $5 million. >> reporter: if president obama would release his passport records. reminded the folks at college humor of a certain someone -- >> $1 million. >> reporter: presto changeo, the donald was dr. evil.
4:56 am
there were counterproposals, some too raunchy for the news. >> 1 million actual dollars. if you will let me [ bleep ]. >> i said, hey, don, i'll give you $5 million if you release that thing on your head. >> reporter: on jimmy kimel's show, playing the great pumpkin. >> a check for $5 million. >> huh? >> reporter: the one that was almost painful to watch, the one that had to hurt the most came from an old friend of donald's. >> i want to say it to his face. donald, you're making a fool of yourself. >> reporter: you just don't get it, suggested she end up apologizing to him. why did you choose me as one of the ten most fascinating people of the year, from one top ten to
4:57 am
another? >> the number one lame october surprise, donald trump offering $5 million to unearth anyone who still takes him seriously. >> reporter: but trump insisted -- >> the response has been unbelievable. i've had tremendous praise for the most part. >> reporter: at least ann coulter came through. >> i support donald trump in this. we need someone like donald trump on our side. >> reporter: the only thing released by president obama was a zinger when leno asked him what's with you and donald trump? >> this all dates back to when we were growing up in kenya. >> reporter: between the president's mockery and barbara's scolding, get off it before you get taken off. >> if he gives his passport application -- >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn, new york. senate majority leader harry reid has been released from the hospital after getting into a
4:58 am
car crash in las vegas. this accident happened when vehicles in his motorcade crashed with a vehicle not in the motorcade. he's 72 years old, a democrat, suffered rib and hip contusions. but we're told he's doing fine. a warning ignored, that is the finding of a report from the food and drug administration in that meningitis outbreak responsible for 25 deaths now. mold and bacteria overgrowth were detected and reported nearly 90 times since january to the new england compounding center, the company linked to the outbreak. the fda said it's found no evidence that the company ever responded to those warnings. thanks for starting your morning with us. >> yeah, we've got so much more ahead on saturday morning, which ahead on saturday morning, which starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- good morning, everyone. i'm victor blackwell. >> and i'm christie paul in for
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randi kaye. thank you for starting your day with us. >> let's get to the big story. tropical storm sandy, it is churning in the atlantic this morning as the east coast braces for what some are calling a potential super storm. preparations are under way as residents board up in advance of sandy's arrival. also, several airlines are announcing that they're revising the fees for making flight changes for passengers in sandy's path. we want to take you to kill devil hills where we find george howell. sandy is still miles offshore, but george, what are you feeling there right now? >> reporter: christi, victor, good morning. we're starting to feel the winds pick up. a lot of the heavier rain has been offshore, but we're in a position along the outer banks where we will feel that first band of the strong winds. the band of heavy rains as it moves into this area. and the best evidence of that is what's happening here behind me. you can see the surf out there churned up from


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